How Much Do Lessons Cost and When Can I Take Them?

The Music Gallery Academy charges a minimum $140 in advance for four weeks of half hour lessons. Individual lessons are values at $35. $140 is credited to a student account and debited $35 weekly as the student's scheduled lesson time passes. Tuition prices for longer lessons are proportional to $35 per 30 minutes. 45 minute lessons are valued at $52.50 per lessons ($210 every four weeks) and hour long lessons are valued at $70 ($280 every four weeks).

We have teaching staff available 12pm-8pm Monday-Thursday and 10am-5pm on Saturday. Every teacher has a unique schedule, so it is best to contact us at (847) 432-6350 or to discover the best fit for you or your child.

Is My Child Too Young To Take Lessons?

We recommend a child be about six years old to get the most out of the lesson to focus on a specific instrument, but no child is too young to experience music in positive way. Learning to play music is a lot like learning a language.
Instruments are also made in different sizes to accommodate some of the physical limits of young children.

What If I Don't Have a Guitar?

We keep a stock of high-quality acoustic and electric guitars, basses, and amplifiers available for rental until you decide whether or not to make the investment.
Each instrument is set up by our talented repair technicians with the same attention and care as every instrument that comes through our doors.