Guitar Lessons

The Music Gallery Academy has successfully guided guitarists of all ages and skill levels on Chicago's North Shore for over forty years. Our priority is to offer every guitarist individualized instruction that provides the necessary challenge and inspiration to master the essential elements of playing guitar. Explore soloing, rhythm, chords, music theory, technique, scales, arpeggios, aural training, and more with the help of our expertly qualified, full-time guitar instructors.


Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Our experienced, professional instructors help beginner guitarists get off the ground the right way by teaching core concepts of guitar playing such as scales, arpeggios, chords, rhythm, ear training, tuning, and technique. We use each students interests and strengths to develop a highly individualized lesson plan that inspires creativity and drive. The Music Gallery Academy's mission is to identify and achieve each student's unique musical potential and provide the challenge, guidance, and inspiration to equip them for life-long enjoyment of music and learning through study, performance, and focus on the arts.

Guitar Lessons - Bill

Intermediate to Advanced Guitar Lessons

Our more advanced lessons expand on all the music elements taught in beginner lessons. After developing the strong foundation of the beginner course, students are ready to learn about more advanced rhythms and techniques while exploring genre-based studies, soloing, comping, advanced theory, ear training, and more! The Music Gallery Academy has been offering the best private lessons in the Chicago area since 1974. We aim to continue our forty-five year commitment to excellence and student success by offering personalized and professional instruction to students of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels.



                Kids Guitar Lessons 

Guitar Lessons for Kids


Kid's Guitar Lessons introduce essential musical components and coordination exercises to help prepare them for full-fledged guitar playing. We introduce them to the guitar's must-know concepts such as string names, parts of the guitar and their functions, and how to listen for the guitar in songs. We quickly get their hands on the fretboard and open their ears to key musical concepts like recognizing pitch, recalling rhythms, and creating songs through fun games and instruction to keep children engaged and inspired to learn more!

We suggest a child be at least 6 years old before beginning to play the guitar. However, the scale and chord shapes used on Ukulele are identical to the guitar. Many young students will begin their journey on the soft-stringed, small-bodied ukulele and easily transfer their skills to a guitar once their hands are strong enough to play the guitar without being too discouraged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose The Music Gallery?
The Music Gallery has been one of most sought after locations for guitarists on Chicago's North Shore for over four decades with good reason. These guys really care. Where most private instructors are full time musicians who teach on the side, our staff is packed with full time teachers who gig on the side because we believe the most important aspect of quality instruction is instructors who are passionate about your personal growth. We teach hundreds of lessons every month because we can offer the home grown service that only decades of experience can offer.    

The Music Gallery is a top tier Guitar Repair Center. Our technician's 100+ years of combined experience can help you maintain your instrument for the long life it deserves. The Music Gallery's repair team has serviced over 100,000 guitars and received exceptional feedback for the unprecedented quality of our work and attention to customer's needs.

The Music Gallery is also one of Chicagoland's most sought after Guitar Retailers. Our expert sales staff is more interested in setting you up with the right instrument than quick sales. All of us here have significant experience teaching lessons, taking lessons, or running a school. Many of our customers have felt they received a guitar lesson just from what they've learned shopping with our sales staff.

We are a one stop shop for anything an aspiring guitarist could want and we are eager to pass down the years of experience to new generations of musicians!

When do you offer guitar lessons?
Guitar lessons can take place during The Music Gallery's normal operating hours.  

Monday-Thursday: 12pm – 8pm

Saturday: 10am – 5pm

How much do lessons cost?
The Music Gallery Academy charges a minimum $140 in advance for 4 weeks of half hour music lessons. Individual music lessons are valued at $35. The $140 is credited to a student account and debited $35 weekly as each students scheduled lesson time passes.

Tuition prices for 45 minute or hour long lessons still equate to $35 per 30 minutes. 45 minute lessons cost $52.50 each ($210 every 4 weeks) and 1 hour lessons cost $70 each ($280 every 4 weeks). Tuition is due before the student's scheduled lesson time. Services may be refused if payment has not been made on time. 

More policy information can be found on the Lesson Agreement page

Do you offer group classes?
We offer a growing assortment of courses including our Acoustic Performance Group, Kid's Bands, Teen Bands, Adult Bands, and Beginner Ukuleles
What If I don't have a guitar?
The Music Gallery has a variety of guitars and amplifiers available for rental. The rental stock includes Fender Mini Stratocasters, Simon and Patrick Acoustic Guitars, and Epiphone Electric Guitars.