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The Music Gallery Academy's priority is to identify and achieve each student's unique musical potential and provide the challenge, guidance, and inspiration to equip them for life-long enjoyment of music and learning through study, performance, and focus on the arts. 

The Music Gallery Academy has been offering the best private lessons in the Chicago area since 1974. We aim to continue our forty-five year commitment to excellence and student success by offering personalized and professional instruction to students of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels.

Guitar Lessons with our instructors have helped countless guitarists of all ages and skill levels unlock the fretboard. Explore a variety of techniques and genres while learning simple to advanced music theory, improvisation, rhythmic studies, fretboard visualization, and more! Jam on your favorite tracks and discover the tools to make any guitar sing.  

Singing Lessons | Music Gallery AcademySinging Lessons:

Our vocal coaches can help you discover the full potential of your voice in a comfortable and supportive environment with exercises specially designed to help develop your musical ear, breath support, tone production, and vocal control.

Drum Lessons | Music Gallery AcademyDrum & Percussion Lessons:  

Our drum instructors teach rock, metal, jazz, funk, blues and many other styles. Drum language can be complex and our instructors will challenge any drummer with a wide variety of technical exercises designed to improve your speed and comfort while reinforcing the rudimentary concepts the give drummers great time, technique, and control.

Piano Lessons | Music Gallery AcademyPiano Lessons:

Our piano teachers help students understand the language of music with a method that is practical and accessible to absolute beginners and experienced musicians alike. Our piano lessons cover sight-reading, music theory, rhythm, technique, ear training and more. Lessons are tailored to each students ability and style preference.


Ukulele Lessons | Music Gallery AcademyUkulele Lessons:

The Ukulele is a  school favorite for entry level children through adults. The ukulele can be as beautiful and interesting as any other instrument, but its small size and soft strings make it the ideal choice for delicate hands. The chord shapes learned on the ukulele transfer easily to the guitar, making it an excellent option for young aspiring guitarists.


Bass Lessons | Music Gallery Academy Bass Guitar Lessons:

Our bass instructors have helped many students construct strong bass lines, develop a great sound, and relax into a groove. We cover styles and techniques from Larry Graham's funky thumb to Paul McCartney's melodic walk. The Bass Guitar lessons also cover slap bass, fretless bass, rhythm and groove, music theory, technique and reading.


Band Classes | Music Gallery AcademyMusic Gallery Band Classes:

Have you always wanted to play in a band? Music Gallery Academy lets you live that dream in the Band Classes where you'll learn to play with others, organize rehearsals, and perform on stage!

Songwriting Lessons | Music Gallery AcademySongwriting & Music Technology Courses:

Learn fundamental composition skills with score writing software and recording technology with songwriting lessons or music technology courses. Make beats, cut samples, arrange melody, harmony, rhythm, lyrics, and structure to create a sound that is uniquely and totally you!


Focus on the Arts 2019

Saturday, May 4, 2019 | Community

Music Gallery Instructor and founder of SolJAMM LLC, Torin Hopkins, headed up an interactive jam session with about 30 students at this years Focus on the Arts event at Highland Park High School. 

This insightful event showed us how music is language by demonstrating the myriad conversational elements that take place in a jam session. Torin's interactive and ambitious approach caused the whole room to smile and experience music in a brand new way.

Thank you to Torin, SolJAMM LLC, and Focus Highland Park for allowing The Music Gallery to continue to take part in something that nourishes and inspires musicians. 

Highland Park Community

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 | Community

Children have a special curiosity that lets them become more automatic and free with music than some of us who study our whole lives. 

They listen closely and pay attention to how music makes them feel before they would ever worry about whether or not they are on the right beat or playing the right notes. They let their intentions dictate their choices, so we can hear what they mean and how they feel regardless of what notes they happen to land upon.

Our teachers visited Highland Park Community Preschool over the past few weeks to spend some time with the children and demonstrate the Ukulele and the Electric Guitar. It was tons of fun to experience these young people through music as we marched around the room with their home-made drums, answered their questions about music and instruments, sang, and danced until it was time for art class. 

We were reminded of the people throughout our lives that fostered and encouraged our love for music and how grateful we are to have those early influences. We would like to give a special thank you to The Highland Park Community Orange Room for allowing us to be part of their classroom, offering children space to explore the universal language, and helping our community become a slightly more musical place! ☺♫

Electric Guitar in Preschool classroom