Music Gallery Academy

Student Spotlight: Gen Nehrt

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 by Zachary Kidder | Student Spotlight

Congratulations to Music Gallery Academy student, Gen Nehrt! ☺

Gen was recently declared a top performer at the Uncommon Ground Open Mic in Chicago where she performed Lost Boy by Ruth B.

Gen demonstrated something we love to see in students. She sought performance opportunities and used the skills she learned here to gift others with her music. She faced the terror of pre-performance, the relief of adrenaline, and is experiencing the lasting confidence that follows vulnerability in a public space. Gen’s experience is especially remarkable to us because she just started playing the guitar within the past year. Within this short time of dedicated practice, her playing went from beginner to performing musician and she discovered the tenacity to overcome the crippling anxiety that sometimes accompanies pre-performance. 

Gen realized a valuable lesson of performance. She was secure enough to say to herself, “Even if I tank, it will be okay”

This reminds us that wrong notes are just steps closer to the right ones. We should all celebrate where we are and let our best efforts speak for themselves and trust that each performance serves to make us better performers over time.

Thanks to Gen for her ambition and congratulations to her success!

Focus on the Arts 2019

Saturday, May 4, 2019 by Zachary Kidder | Community

Music Gallery Instructor and founder of SolJAMM LLC, Torin Hopkins, headed up an interactive jam session with about 30 students at this years Focus on the Arts event at Highland Park High School. 

This insightful event showed us how music is language by demonstrating the myriad conversational elements that take place in a jam session. Torin's interactive and ambitious approach caused the whole room to smile and experience music in a brand new way.

Thank you to Torin, SolJAMM LLC, and Focus Highland Park for allowing The Music Gallery to continue to take part in something that nourishes and inspires musicians.