Acoustic Performance Group - Enrolling now!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 by Zachary Kidder | Courses

Hey Musicians!

We're opening up enrollment for our Acoustic Performance Group led by our highly celebrated instructor, Bill Uhler! 

We have a few students who are good players and want to do solo performances, but performance anxiety makes it difficult for them to perform well whenever the opportunity to play for someone arises. Our teachers have discovered through years of trial and error that the absolute most effective way to work through the nerves is to perform regularly.

In our Acoustic Performance Group, We'll focus on performing as soloists or duos to small groups of peers and instructors who will be able to offer feedback, encouragement, and settle some of those performance-altering nerves.  

The group will meet for 1 hour with a limit of 6 performers. This should allow plenty of time for everyone to play 3 - 4 songs. The group will meet weekly on Tuesday at 7:00pm starting June 11.

Call us at (847) 432-6350 or email us at to enroll today!