Spencer Johnson

Guitar / Bass / Drums / Ukulele / Harmonica / Songwriting / Group Classes

Multi-instrumentalist Spencer Johnson has been helping students reach their potential and grow as musicians for over fifteen years. His especially gentle and patient attitude makes him particularly gifted with students who are shy or nervous to begin taking music lessons. His passion for music is demonstrated by more than twenty years of ongoing experience as a performing musician and his. Students explore their instruments, continually challenge themselves, and experience music from the perspective of an experienced songwriter and performing musician in both his private and group lessons. Spencer's commendable ability has given him the opportunity to travel the country and brought his music to such notable venues as Thalia Hall, Aragon Ballroom, Empty Bottle, Bottom Lounge, and many more. Spencer's expertise and experience makes him an ideal choice for students who want to play in a band, learn their favorite songs, and deepen their knowledge and appreciation for music. 

"I love sharing my love for music and helping students achieve their goals"