A hearty thank you to all the students who allow our music teachers to share their craft and make their living in a way that makes them happy ☺

Your kind words are evidence of your pursuit to make the world a more musical place and the enriching power of music education!

“Excellent lesson program with great instructors. They understand your strengths and weaknesses. The band classes are a fantastic opportunity to learn new songs, improve your playing, have fun and make new friends. it’s all true.” - Bob T

I always wanted to take guitar lessons. When I finally decided it was time, I was referred to Music Gallery... and I'm SO glad I was.
I love my weekly lessons, the owners / staff are so friendly and helpful. It has a close knit friends feel to it. They have a ton of beautiful guitars and accessories. And what they don't have, they gladly order. I'd highly recommend! - Shira C

"Realizing a dream. Jam session with Jer and Dana. 12 bar blues. Rage. For Whom the Bell Tolls. Two awesome jams, one in F and one in the heart of Vulfpeck. Much of which was captured on tape. Couldn't believe I was able to keep up with two of my guitar mentors. Thanks for making this happen, Zach." - Dave Z.

Bill Uhler is an ideal teacher for an older adult. His style is to be patient and encouraging, but at the same time uncompromising in making sure we learn proper technique. Also he does not rigidly adhere to one way only in teaching, but can adapt the teaching style to the student’s needs and abilities. I recommend him very much." – Adam T  
"The Music Gallery introduced me to Zach Kidder last Fall.  On a whim, I contacted TMG for guitar lessons.  Since that time, I have been beyond thrilled with my experience.  Not only have I learned many new aspects of how to play this instrument, but lots of music theory as well.  Zach had a challenge on his hands by teaching 2 newbies, who are in their late 40s, and have no real history in playing music.  The two of us have fantastic lessons each week.  I am very happy that we took the leap and that Zach was there to lead the way." - Brett B  

"As I am an adult learning the guitar with absolutely zero musical background, Zach has been an incredible instructor for the past 6 months.  He is always prepared while demonstrating his vast knowledge and endless enthusiasm for guitar (among many other instruments). Each week, I leave with new thoughts, approaches and strategies to build upon. Zach has a unique talent of customizing his lessons around songs or musical groups we have expressed interest in. I always look forward to each lesson - as it is a highlight for me each week! Thank you, Zach." - Kevin F

“I have taken group and private lessons from Bill Uhler at the Music Gallery school. Not only is he a fantastic player, he is a great teacher who understands the students strengths and weaknesses and tailors the class so that the student gets the most progress from each lesson. I will continue to take my lessons from the Music Gallery.” - Barry K  
“I’ve been in the blues class for over a year. Bill continues to challenge us with new styles and songs. He creates an atmosphere making it fun to learn. The performance nights in front of a live audience are awesome. Thanks” - Eric M  
"I just listened to the recording from last night, it turned out great, so we can relive last night, I think you all be very proud of our show, I certainly am. I absolutely love playing with you guys, this is one of the greatest experiences of my adult life and I consider it a privilege to stand on that stage next to you and play our music. Thank one and all for your friendship, passion and commitment." - Matt K  
"Zach is an excellent teacher and musical wizard. I would bring him any questions I had on interesting chordal movements and he always helped break it down to a point of conceptual understanding while still helping me to improve my playing" - Calvin G  
“I am challenged and excited by each class. I am certain I am becoming a better guitarist by playing with the Blues Class. Also, Bill listens to what we as a group are interested in learning. This keeps us stimulated and eager to learn. The performance nights are great fun too. Friends and family get to come out and see us play.” - Dave B

Awesome place to buy a guitar, take lessons, or get your guitar serviced. Frank and his team are the best! - Dave H

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